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Stairlifts or wheelchair stair climbers are a valuable addition to the home when someone in the household has a disability. If anyone in your home is impaired by conditions related to age, arthritis or any disability, climbing stairs isn’t an option, you could move to a bungalow or relegate the disabled to a single floor of the house. But there are other options to help make every room in our house accessible. Get help finding the options that best suit the needs and budget of you and your loved ones.

Assisted stair climbing has never been easier!

Thankfully, there are assisted stair climbing solutions at a variety of price ranges that cover the horizontal movement required of nearly any home design. From curved stairclimbers to outdoor or straight, you’re just a phone call away from the top 10 stairlifts or wheelchair assisted stairclimbers available from coast to coast.

Speak to qualified consultant on in-home mobility for the best options and price for you and your loved ones and the best fit for your home.

Transportation Wheelchair Lifts

You’ve seen them on school buses, large vans and municipal and mass transit vehicles, commercial wheelchair lifts provide universal access to transportation.¬†Vertical platform lifts are responsible for elevating a wheelchair and its occupant into the vehicle. When bringing this technology into the home or family van be sure to choose carefully from among the reliable brands. Lifts should be rated to over 800-lbs and will come in either electrical or hydraulic lift designs, for safety look for two secure lifting points from the platform. And always seek NHTSA certified lifts for safety and reliability.

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