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The aches and pains evaporate naturally when you step into a bath, walk-in tub or shower that is built with hydrotherapy equipment. A therapeutic walk-in tub can provide alternating hot and cold water pressure and circulation that you control. It’s just one of the many ways a custom walk-in tub with jacuzzi or whirlpool capabilities is the all-natural way to reduce stress along with sore muscles and joints. No drugs or chemicals required.

Jacuzzi ShowerTalk to one of our experts to learn how to bring a fully accessible hydrotherapy walk-in tub to your home. Regardless of layout, shape or size of your bathroom, you can learn exactly what you need to transform your home into a spa that can be accessible to anyone of any age.

The Walk-In Tub: Compact enough for most homes, self-water treatment has never been easier. Several new enhancement systems have been created to bring the classic hydrotherapy tub into the 21st century. From air and water jets to powerful underwater massage systems. Maintenance can be a breeze with self-cleaning flushing systems that can even disinfect the plumbing leading up to your walk-in tub. New pipe-free technologies present the ultimate in tub sanitation and easy maintenance.

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