Top 3 Benefits of Hydrotherapy

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Lets face it, hydrotherapy and that feeling of being immersed in hot water just feels good. But it has many more tangible health benefits, especially for seniors. Here are three of the most important benefits instantly available to you as soon as you install a new walk-in tub or other hydrotherapy senior care equipment.

Top 3 Benefits of Hydrotherapy

1/ Warm Water Massage: Hydrotherapy air jets can bring propel warm or hot water exactly to where its needed on the body to increase blood flow. This influx of heat to a controlled area will dilate blood vessels letting more nutrient rich blood reach troubled areas that my be causing pain or discomfort. More blood means faster healing and a nice boost to the immune system. This can help seniors fight colds or the flu.

2/ Aroma & Light Therapy: Aromatherapy has long been connected to emotional and physical health. Coupled with lachromotherapie or “light therapy” you can seriously alter the mood and feeling of well being in just minutes.

Walk-in bath tubs is a powerful way to provide tranquility of aromatherapy with essential oils. The heat from the back causes the natural scents of the oil to proliferate throughout the air, bringing peace and relaxation. This effects of relaxing scents only compounds the already warmth of the bath. Meanwhile, special lights outside and inside your walk-in tub can help you relieve anxiety, stress and even pain. Complete the relaxation effect with your favorite mood music and you have a recipe for melting away tension for at least the duration of a relaxing bath in your very own walk-in tub.

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3/ Low Impact Exercise: Just because we’ve reached our senior years doesn’t mean we should stop exercising. No matter what our state of health, we should all look into what we can do to move our bodies as well as our minds. Well, there is no better place to find exercise that suits you than the walk-in tub. Movements can be less painful we weight is relieved from our joints when submerged in the water. Low impact weight bearing exercise is much more bearable as it lets the synovial fluid carry nutrients to where they’re needed most. Aquatic exercise reduces stress to our joints, ligaments and muscles hence minimizing the risk  of injury while maximizing the benefits of activity.

Hydrotherapy – The Healing Power of Water


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