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If you’re age 62 or over and have equity in your home you already qualify for the top ten reverse mortgages available coast-to-coast.

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Over 10,000 baby boomers are hitting retirement age every day and are destined to spend more years in¬†retirement than any generation that came before. It’s no wonder that many boomers are cautious to ensure they do not outlast their own retirement savings.

The word is out and finance experts are in agreement that reverse mortgages can provide a variable amount of extra income that can supplement the retirement savings of retired boomers.

Advantages to a reverse mortgage may include:

  • No regular payments need to be made on the loan
  • Some of the value of the home can be turned into cash, without it having to be sold
  • The money borrowed is a tax-free source of income
  • The homeowner maintains ownership of their home
  • The homeowner can decide how they want to receive the money
  • The homeowner can use the equity in their home to improve their standard of living

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